• Hours & ID
    • The Club will be open Monday through Saturday serving lunch from 11:30am to 2pm and dinner from 5:30pm to 9pm. The Temple Bar menu is offered from 11:30am to 9pm. Hours of business may change during Yale University holiday periods at the discretion of the General Manager. Members will be issued identification cards and are expected to display them when entering the Club or upon request.

  • Outside Food & Beverage
    • Food or beverages may not be brought into the Club for consumption. Special exemptions may be granted by the General Manager for member events, including celebration cakes for such occasions as weddings or birthdays. 
  • Smoking
    • Smoking of all types, including the smoking of electronic cigarettes, is prohibited in all areas of the Clubhouse, including the Rose Garden.
  • Mory's Dress Code
    • The new dress code at Mory’s is based upon the current trend towards more casual attire. However, many of our Members and their guests are from the local business community and Yale faculty and often come for lunch and dinner dressed in jacket and tie. Members must wear neat, clean attire consistent with the courteous and respectful atmosphere of the Club, as further described below.

      In the Dining Room and Private Dining Rooms at Lunch and Dinner the dress code is business casual.
      For men this includes:
      Blazers or sports jackets (optional), collared shirts, turtlenecks, sweaters, cardigans, tailored trousers (including Bermuda shorts), khakis, corduroys. Dress jeans are also acceptable.

      For women this includes:
      Collared shirts or blouses with sleeves, turtlenecks, sweaters, dresses, skirts, tailored pants (including Bermuda shorts), khakis, corduroys. Dress jeans are also acceptable.

      Baseball caps and other headgear are not permitted in the dining room. Tee shirts, tank or crop tops, flip flops, and beach sandals are also not permitted.

      The Temple Bar
      The dress code is more relaxed than in the dining room. Athletic attire and tee shirts are permissible. Torn clothing and attire with offensive language are not appropriate.

  • Communications
    • No Member or guest may use any Club stationery or issue any communication bearing the name or identity of the Club for business purposes, publication or release to the news media, except for members of governance for the purpose of promoting Mory’s and certain events.

  • Electronics Usage
    • Member are expected to turn cell phones off or to silent mode when entering the clubhouse. Furthermore, the use of cell phones is prohibited, and out of courtesy to others, the use of other electronic equipment is discouraged, other than usage of laptops, smart phones and similar devices in the Temple Bar.

  • Guests & Children
    • Children all ages are permitted in the Main Dining Room with proper attire and constant adult supervision, subject to applicable CT state liquor laws. of their

      Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests; for informing their guests of the House Rules, including the dress code; and for all debts incurred by their guests.
  • Pets
    • Except for service animals such as seeing-eye dogs and Handsome Dan, pets are not allowed in the Club.

  • Requests, Suggestions & Complaints
    • Requests, suggestions and complaints with respect to the Club should be in writing, signed and addressed to the chair of the House Committee. Matters requiring immediate attention may be taken up with the General Manager of the Club or the Manager on Duty.

  • Employees/Private Business
    • Members may not send employees out of the Club on private business.

  • Member Statements
    • Member statements are issued at the beginning of each month, and payment is due in full upon receipt. Late payment of a bill beyond thirty days is subject to a charge as set by the Finance Committee.

      The House Committee may require a Member with an overdue balance to place his/her account on auto-pay. Should the Member fail to comply or should any amounts remain unpaid for 90 days or more, membership and/or guest privileges may be suspended by the House Committee. Continued or repeated failure to timely pay amounts owed may lead to further suspension by the House Committee or at the discretion of the House Committee, the Member may be referred to the Board of Governors for membership termination.  The maximum amount of credit extended to Members and guests will be set by the Treasurer.

  • General Manager
    • The General Manager or her designate has the authority to maintain order in all parts of the Club.

  • Personal Property
    • Owners are responsible for their own property in the Club. The Club will exercise diligence in protecting the property of Members and guests in the Club, but will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of such property.

  • Behavior
    • Members and their guests must maintain the respectful and courteous atmosphere of the Club.  Management will exclude or remove from the Club any member or guest for inappropriate or unbecoming conduct or dress, including disorderly conduct. Chronic or serious issues will be referred to the House Committee for further review and disciplinary action.

      Members or guests who have been excluded, removed or suspended will not be permitted to enter the Club under any circumstances, and any attempt to enter will result in discipline by the House Committee, up to and including permanent loss of membership or guest privileges. The House Committee may set a specific period of time for such exclusion or suspension.
  • Resignation, Suspension & Expulsion
    • A Member may resign by written resignation and his/her resignation shall be effective on the date received by the Club. The House Committee of Mory’s may reinstate any former Member of the Club who resigned in good standing.

      A Member and/or his/her guest engaging in any of the following conduct will be subject to disciplinary action by the House Committee, up to and including membership termination:

           A: non-payment of fees, dues, house charges or other indebtedness to the Club

           B: violation of House Rules or the Club's Bylaws

           C: any infraction or violation of any city, state or federal law, regulation or rule

           D: any other conduct that is adverse to the welfare, interest, reputation or character of the Club, it's Members, guests, staff or management

      In the House Committee's sole discretion, a Member, guest or matter may be referred to the Board of Governors for disciplinary action, up to and including membership termination. A Member may have his/her membership terminated for any cause or in the alternative, suspended, by a vote of the Board of Governors at a duly called meeting, provided that not less than a majority of the members of the Board of Governors in attendance have voted for such suspension or termination and further provided that notice in writing stating the grounds of the proposed suspension or termination shall have been delivered to the Member via hand delivery, electronic delivery or mailed to his/her last address carried in the records of the Club at least fifteen days before the meeting. The Board of Governors, by similar vote, may rescind any such action and reinstate the Member in its sole discretion.
  • Cup Parties at Mory’s
    • Mory’s supports and upholds the history and tradition of Cup Parties. These rules have been drawn up to ensure that Mory’s complies with the law as regards the responsible service of alcohol. Management and the Board of Governors are committed to ensuring that Mory’s complies with all local, state and federal laws including Connecticut Liquor Licensing Laws.

      All participants of in an alcoholic Cup Party are subject to a check of a valid, government issued ID. Anyone attempting to participate in a Cup Party by using a fake ID will be denied use of the Club. Those participants of age 21 and over will be given wristbands, which indicate to staff that attendees have been cleared as being of age and can be served. Servers are not permitted to serve anyone without a Cup Party wristband, nor may anyone without a wristband participate in drinking from an alcoholic Cup.

      For any student-organized Cup Party or at the discretion of Management, any Cup Party that includes anyone under the age of 21 will be served only non-alcoholic Cups, and no alcoholic Cups or any other alcoholic beverages will be served. In addition, the Cup Party must take place in the main dining room or Temple Bar and not in a private room.

      Bringing in alcohol from outside is contrary to the liquor licensing laws and is therefore not permitted at Cup Parties. Anyone who brings alcohol into the Club will be asked to leave immediately, and the Cup Party will end immediately.

      The number of alcoholic Cups served is at the discretion of Management and must comply with the responsible consumption of alcohol.

      Supervision of Cup Parties is at the discretion of Management, who reserve the right to require that doors to private rooms be kept open.
      To ensure the return of Cups, a driver's license and credit card per Cup are held as security at student-organized Cup Parties and at other Cup Parties at the discretion of Management.

      The Member who sponsors the Cup Party will be held responsible for the behavior of him/herself and his/her guests.

      Management reserves the right to end a Cup Party and remove from the Club any attendee if any of the rules above are violated, or if any attendee becomes intoxicated, or if disrespect is shown to staff and Management. A report will be submitted to the House Committee regarding such matters, and the House Committee will confer with Management regarding appropriate disciplinary measures, which may include suspension or termination of membership.

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