Mory's began in 1849 as an unpretentious alehouse on Wooster Street.

It was "discovered" by members of the class of 1863 crew team returning home after practice on the river. It quickly became a favorite watering hole of the students, owing to the hospitality of tavern-keepers Frank and Jane Moriarty. In those days it was run in the style of a homey English pub, offering pints and simple fare like Welsh Rarebit and sardines on toast. Over the years ownership and location changed, with the business moving ever closer to the Yale campus.

 In 1898, the lease was purchased by Louis Linder, who had come over from Germany as a cabin boy on an ocean liner and worked his way through the grand hotels of New York City. He landed finally at  Luchow's famous beer garden restaurant in New York.  As the new owner of Mory's he brought new life to the place and oversaw its relocation to its present site at 306 York Street, in 1912. It was at this time that Mory's transitioned from a public house to private club catering exclusively to the Yale community.

Louie loved music and encouraged the patronage of Yale singing groups. One of these began to meet here every week, to raise a foaming glass and sing for the sheer joy of it. In February 1909, they adopted the name "Whiffenpoofs." Cole Porter was a Whiffenpoof while at Yale, and he penned their signature song, which begins, fittingly enough, "To the tables down at Mory's- to the place where Louie dwells...." To this day the Whiffenpoofs continue the tradition of appearing at Mory's most Monday nights during the academic year, singing through dinnertime to the delight of their fans. Many other of Yale's superb singing groups visit on other nights of the week as well, making Mory's a haven for a cappella fans.

 Mory's has grown with the Yale community, and over more than one hundred and fifty years it has become a beloved part of its history. The building, lovingly renovated in 2010, looks much as it did when Louie moved in- with the addition of an up-to-date bar area and outdoor patio. It serves as a faculty club and student hangout and alumni gathering place (imagine being able to say, "Meet me at Mory's" at your 45th reunion, just like when you were a student!) Peek in the door at lunchtime you  will see a mix of all sections of the Yale community enjoying one of our signature sandwiches- or yes, even a Welsh Rarebit.

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