The tradition of the Mory's Cup Award began in the fall of 1927...

The Mory's Board of Governors hosted a dinner in honor of the venerable
 T.A.D. Jones, after he had coached his final championship football game at Yale. 
In the minutes recorded of the event, it states that he was was presented with "a loving cup." Each year after that, the Governors gave a dinner and presented a loving cup to an "alumnus for outstanding loyalty to the interest of the University and enthusiastic contribution to the life at Mory's."
The award has evolved over the ensuing nine decades, and the walls at Mory's are filled with photos of past award recipients.

2017 Cup Award recipient Eleanor "Nory" Babbitt,
with Mory's President Tom Ketchum

The Mory's Cup is now awarded for "Conspicuous Service to Yale."

It is presented not just to Yale alumni, but also to current or past University employees and others who have dedicated themselves to enriching the fabric of life and work at Yale, and by extension to Mory's.

Click HERE for a downloadable list of Mory's recipients.

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