Mory's Cups- and Cup Parties-  have been a beloved Yale tradition for over a hundred years. Now you can take a piece of that tradition home with you- or keep it here with us for when you return! These handsome burnished pewter Cups are a wonderful way to commemorate your group, School or department's milestones- or as a unique graduation gift.  
Please call Jeff Ortiz at (203) 562-3157 to obtain a quote for your custom Cup.


Honor your son/daughter, husband/wife, professor or colleague, or the date you graduated from Yale University. Bricks make thoughtful graduation gifts as well.
The bricks are installed and on view in our Temple Bar Rose Garden Patio.
Purchasing a brick links your name with over 165 years of Mory’s History!
$100 each.
Click HERE  for information and order form.


In their definitive new history, the first published since 1912, Jay and Basie Gitlin unpack the storied past of Mory’s. Covering the tavern’s origins in Wooster Square, its emergence as a local landmark, and its last century as a dining club in the heart of the Yale campus, this well-illustrated book will be a fun and informative read for generations of Yalies.  

To purchase a book, please call or email Roberta Vitti
(203) 562-3157

Purchase one on your next visit to Mory's.
Call Roberta Vitti at 203.562.3157 and charge your purchase to your member account.



NEW for 2019! 

Look great in our new line of Mory's apparel!



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